Individuals from all backgrounds and college majors are encouraged to apply to the UNC Charlotte School Counseling Program. Applications are due October 15.

Application requirements to the UNC Charlotte School Counseling Program include:

  1. Possession of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university
  2. Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  3. Acceptable GRE or MAT scores
  4. A brief statement of purpose, typically 1-3 pages in length
  5. Three professional references
  6. Official transcripts
  7. A completed application and application fee

To apply to the counseling program, please submit an application to the Graduate School. Only completed applications are forwarded to the Counseling Department. The Graduate School’s admissions applications and procedures can be found at:

Questions? Contact:

Graduate School Admissions
The Graduate School
210 Cato Hall


Dr. Taryne Mingo,
Director of the School Counseling Program

Dr. Clare Merlin-Knoblich,
Director of the Post Masters Certificate Program for School Counseling Licensure