Counseling Program of Study

The UNC Charlotte’s Master’s Degree in Counseling is CACREP-accredited and consists of 60 credit hours (20 courses). Students complete a combination of core courses, clinical courses, concentration-specific courses, and electives. These include:

  • Two counseling skills courses
  • Courses in lifespan development, social justice counseling, counseling theories, group counseling, and more
  • A practicum course (150 hours in a counseling setting) and two internship courses (each 300 hours in a counseling setting)

Students can specialize in addiction counseling, clinical mental health counseling, or school counseling. They also may elect to add a secondary concentration in play therapy or a certificate in gerontology.

Department of Counseling faculty members serve as advisors to Master’s counseling students and work collaboratively with each student to design a program of study that meets all requirements and aligns with advisees’ preferences for time to completion. These planning worksheets may be useful in the process:

Program of Study (Microsoft Word)

Course Planning by Semester (Microsoft Word)

Courses are offered in Fall (FA), Spring (SP), and/or Summer (SU) as designated.

Required Courses

The Master’s Degree in Counseling includes these Core Courses:

CSLG  6104Counseling Across the Lifespan (FA, SP, SU)
RSCH 6101Educational Research Methods (FA, SP,SU)
RSCH 6109Assessment and Evaluation Methods (FA, SP, SU)
CSLG 6100           Theories of Counseling* (FA,SU)
CSLG 6101           Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling* (FA, SU)
CSLG 6110           Counseling Techniques* (FA, SP)
CSLG 6111           Advanced Counseling Techniques (FA, SP, SU)
CSLG 6120           Group Counseling (FA, SP)
CSLG 6145           Multicultural & Social Justice Counseling* (FA, SP, SU)
CSLG 6150           Career Development and Counseling (SP, SU)

*Required prior to Practicum in Counseling

The Master’s Degree in Counseling includes these clinical courses:

CSLG 7430           Practicum in Counseling (FA, SP) (150 hours)
CSLG 7435           Internship I (FA, SP, SU) (300 hours)
CSLG 7435           Internship II (FA, SP, SU) (300 hours)

The School Counseling Concentration includes these courses:

CSLG 7141            The Professional School Counselor* (FA)
CSLG 7646            Advocacy & Leadership in Professional School Counseling (SP)
CSLG 7140            Consultation in School Counseling (SU, FA)

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling Concentration includes these courses:

CSLG 7170         Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling* (FA, SU)
CSLG 6153           Diagnosis & Treatment in Counseling (SP, SU)
CSLGOne Addictions Elective

The Addiction Counseling Concentration includes these courses:

(See when courses are offered, one course per semester, except summer)

CSLG 7170           Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling* (FA, SU)
CSLG 6153           Diagnosis & Treatment in Counseling (SP, SU)
Four Addiction Courses and Completion of the Internship I & II experience in an Addiction Counseling Facility/Location.
CSLG 6160Theories of Addiction** (FA)
CLSG 6161Assessment/Diagnosis of Addictive Disorders** (SP) 
CSLG 6162Interventions in Addiction Counseling**  (SU 1)
CSLG 6163Treatment Planning and Relapse Prevention in Addiction Counseling** (SU 2)
CSLG 6164The McLeod Institute on Addiction (Pre-SU 1)

**Courses required for Addictions Counseling Concentration

The Play Therapy Concentration requires the following courses:

(Note: The Play Therapy Concentration is completed in addition to a primary degree concentration, such as School Counseling or Clinical Mental Health Counseling) 

CSLG 7142Intro to Play Therapy (FA, SP, SU)
In addition, select 2 of these 3:
CSLG 7143Child-Centered Relationship Training: An Approach for Training Parents/Caregivers/Teachers (SP)
CSLG 7144Contemporary Theories of Play Therapy (FA)
CSLG 7147Multicultural & Social Justice Issues in Play Therapy (hybrid, FA)
ElectiveTo be approved by Director of Play Therapy Concentration
CSLG 7148

CSLG 7145
Expressive Arts through the Lifespan (SU 2)

Special Topics in Play Therapy (e.g. Conference (hybrid, Pre-SU II); Expressive Arts)
 Course above not selected or approved by Director of PT program

Note: Courses outside your concentration (e.g., CSLG 6153, CSLG 6164) can be used as an elective.


Students in the School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling concentrations are required to complete four electives. Students in the Addiction Counseling concentration are required to complete one elective. Possible electives vary by semester, but routinely offered electives are listed below.

CSLG 6000(Topics Vary)Expressive Arts across the Lifespan (SU)Trauma in Counseling (SU)
CSLG 6201Counseling Needs of Women (Alternate SP, even years)
CSLG 6205Counseling Older Adults (SU)
CSLG 7142Introduction to Play Therapy (FA, SP, SU)
CSLG 7146Counseling Adolescents (SU) 
CSLG 7600Sexual Orientation Diversity in Clinical Practice (Alternate SP, odd years)
CSLG 7601Counseling & Spirituality (SP)
CSLG 7680Crisis Counseling (FA,SU)
CSLG 7681Grief & Loss Counseling (FA)