Program of Study

UNC Charlotte’s Ph.D. Program in Counselor Education and Supervision has been designed to prepare dedicated, knowledgeable, skillful, socially and culturally aware, and ethically responsible professionals for the 21st century. Students working towards a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision must complete a program of study of at least 63 semester credit hours. Additional internships, practica, and coursework may be assigned as needed. Although the order of coursework remains similar for most Ph.D. students, students can also work with their Doctoral Program Committee to design a program of study that best suits their needs.

Below are the required courses for the Ph.D. Program of Study, as well as a sample Program of Study.

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Typical Sequence of Classes (Based on current Graduate Catalog)

Below is a sample course sequence. The following sequences show the semesters when specific courses are currently offered. Please note that some courses are only offered in the fall semester and some only in the spring semester.

Students must take two (2) required elective courses during their Program of Study. Students may choose, or be required by their Doctoral Advisory Committee, to take additional courses based on their career goals and professional development needs.

SummerFall Spring 
Year 1 CSLG 8100Advanced Theories of Counseling CSLG 8431Doctoral Practicum
  CSLG 8345Advanced Multicultural CounselingCSLG 8346Applied Multicultural Counseling
  CSLG 8105Introduction to Counselor Education and SupervisionRSCH 8110Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
  RSCH 8210Applied Research MethodsCSLG 8400Doctoral Internship: Counseling1
    CSLG 8443Doctoral Internship: Research2
Year 2RSCH 8111Qualitative Research MethodsRSCH 8120Advanced StatisticsCSLG 8442Doctoral Internship: Supervision
  CSLG 8110Clinical Supervision in CounselingCSLG 8998Seminar in Prospectus Design
  CSLG 8203Instructional Theory in Counselor EducationRSCH 8140Multivariate Statistics
  CSLG 8443Doctoral Internship: Research2CSLG 8445Doctoral Internship: Counselor Education3
Year  3ElectiveCSLG 8445 Doctoral Internship: Counselor Education3Elective 
  CSLG 8999DissertationCSLG 8999Dissertation 

1 Elective requirement for admits with less than 1 year of counseling experience post Master’ degree
2 Register 3 times for 1 credit, for a total of 3 credit hours