Clare Merlin-Knoblich

Clare Merlin-Knoblich

Associate Professor, Director of Masters in Counseling, Director of Post-Masters Certificate in School Counseling


Dr. Clare Merlin-Knoblich is an Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling at UNC Charlotte. She currently serves as Director of the Master’s in Counseling Program, as well as the Post-Master’s in School Counseling Certificate. A former high school counselor, Dr. Merlin researches school counseling and multicultural education to understand how to reduce prejudice in schools and support K-12 students of all backgrounds. She also researches flipped learning as a teaching approach in counselor education. Dr. Merlin joined UNC Charlotte’s Department of Counseling in 2015 and enjoys teaching Master’s school counseling courses, core counseling courses, and doctoral teaching internship. In 2021, Dr. Merlin received the Cato Early Career Award, an annual award honoring the extraordinary work of a junior faculty member in the Cato College of Education.


Ph.D., Counselor Education and Supervision – College of William & Mary
M.Ed., Professional School Counseling – University of Georgia
B.A., Psychology – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Counseling across the Lifespan
Internship in Counseling
Consultation in School Counseling
Advocacy and Leadership in School Counseling
Doctoral Internship in Teaching

Research Interests

Anti-racist and social justice school counseling practices
Prejudice reduction and multicultural awareness promotion in schools
Flipped learning in counselor education
Innovative practices in counselor education and supervisor preparation

Select Publications

Merlin-Knoblich, C., & Dameron, M. L. (2021). Examining educator multicultural attitudes before and after a Diversity Dinner Dialogue. Journal for Multicultural Education, 15(1), 85-96.

Merlin-Knoblich, C., Chase, L., Smith, J., & Opiola, K. (2020). Comparison of student engagement in flipped, lecture, and online courses. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health.

Merlin-Knoblich, C., Moss, L., Cholewa, B., & Springer, S. I. (2020). A Consensual Qualitative Research exploration of school counselor multicultural education behaviors. Professional School Counseling, 23, 1-12. doi:10.1177/2156759X20940637

Merlin-Knoblich, C., Harris, P. N., & McCarty Mason, E. C. (2019). Examining student classroom engagement in flipped and non-flipped counselor education courses. The Professional Counselor, 9, 109-125. doi:10.15241/cmk.9.2.109

Merlin-Knoblich, C., & Camp, A. (2018). An exploration of counseling student experiences in a flipped learning classroom. Counselor Education & Supervision, 57, 301-316. doi:10.1002/ceas.12118

Merlin-Knoblich, C., & Chen, J. A. (2018). A survey of school counselor multicultural education behaviors and the obstacles that impede them. Journal of School Counseling, 16(22), 1-33.

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